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Best Sellers

Age 3 - 8

With this book prepare your child to go to school or go back to school and not make it a daunting experience.




Age 2 - 9

A goofy story of your little one having fun. Read and giggle together to create a happy memory forever.




How to create your child's personalized story?


1- Choose a story

Pick a story that your child would like!

2- Fill the details

provide your child’s name, gender and avatar

3- Preview your book

.Preview the whole book from cover to cover

4- Pour your heart out

Write a dedication message to your child.

5- Confirm your order

Order the book to receive at your doorstep.
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HEKAYATI, Customize-able Stories

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The first Arabic project of its kind

Hekayati, is the first platform in the Arab world that produces customizable books in Arabic and English.

Books that are localised for the region

Our books are written by regional authors to showcase and celebrate the arabic culture.

Instant preview service for generated books

Preview the whole book and be assured of its content and quality prior to ordering.

Free delivery service

Order from anywhere and anytime, and your kid's valuable gift will be delivered to your doorstep within days.

Turn each story into a cherished memory

Dear Hassoun

Life is a magical adventure, and we want you to go and live it to the full. So, follow your heart and reach for the sky. At the same time respect our values and keep your feet firmly on the ground.

Your Mom and Dad

Dear Mohammed

In whatever you be, just choose to be kind, honest, sincere, loving and always true to yourself.

Your aunt Maha

Dear Moustafa

You can do anything you want. Keep moving forward and believe in yourself.
Take to the skies. The future belongs to you.

Your loving aunt: Ali

Benefits of Hekayati Storybooks


Enhance their self confidence.

Help them form a character with a positive impact on the society

Encourage them to love reading

Reading their own adventure is more exciting than any other kind of books.

Bridge the diversity gap

Our stories make no assumptions or prejudgments; any child with any name, ethnicity or background is the hero of their own story

Unlock their imagination and boost their morale

Enhance their imagination and analytical skills while living a new experience

What did they say about HEKAYATI stories

So happy with the book. This is probably the best gift she has received


This week whenever I peek into his room to see what he is up to; he is reading his adventure


I purchased all three titles. Can't wait for more to come


I have never seen him smiling so much when I read this to him. Well done Hikayati